Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sparkly and Googly Eyed No-Carve Pumpkins

Are you feeling the Fall vibes?  Ready to do some easy pumpkin crafts?  If your little guy or gal isn't quite ready for carving pumpkins, then today's no-carve pumpkin option is for you!  Check out these sparkly and googly eyed no-carve pumpkins!

Sparkly and Googly No-Carve Pumpkins for Preschool Halloween crafting
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I love doing pumpkin crafts with little kids.  We've made paper bag pumpkins,  recycled pumpkin suncatchers, and colorful colored-in pumpkins.

This year we took the googly eye and sequin route because, come on, what little kid doesn't love sparkles and eyes?  

I gave each child
  • a small pumpkin placed inside a disposable baking tray (to catch all those runaway sequins)
  • a plastic cup about 1/4 full of glittery glue 
  • a sponge brush.  

I placed a tray full of various colored sequins and eyes between the kids.  The boys painted their pumpkins with the glue and then sprinkled on sequins and googly eyes to their little heart's content.  For a little more pizzazz, we also squeezed on the glitter glue.  .

Ta-da!  An easy, glitzy, and fun way to decorate pumpkins with little ones!

Sparkly and Googly No-Carve Pumpkins- Perfect for Preschool Halloween Crafting!

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