Sunday, December 13, 2015

3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees!

If your kid (1) loves Christmas crafts and (2) painting.... then these Paper plate Christmas Trees are the craft for you! They're so easy to make and provide the perfect "canvas" for little kids to express their creativity and holiday spirit!

3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Easy 3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees for kids of all ages to paint and decorate!

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Ok, so here's how you whip up a whole Christmas tree farm.

Grab a cheap paper plate.  Cut it in half.  Curl it up and staple it so that it resembles a cone.  Then, hot glue a toilet roll tube inside of it.  Bam!  Soon you'll own your very own forest of Christmas trees!

(Love toilet roll crafts?  I've got a ton of toilet paper roll crafts on the blog for you to check out!)

3D paper plate Christmas Trees

Now let's decorate our trees!  Grab your favorite watercolor paints or tempera paints and get decorating!  (We still really love our liquid watercolors, so those are usually our go-to paints!)

Boy painting 3D Christmas trees

Once the paints dry, add on a little glitz with glitter glue, circle stickers, star stickers, or whatever stickers you have lying around!  (Ooh. Pom poms would also look adorable too!)

3D Paper plate and Toilet Roll Christmas Trees

And that's it!  Hope you enjoy this easy and fun Christmas kid-craft!

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Happy making, friends!

3D Paper Plate and Toilet Roll Christmas Trees to paint with kids


  1. Lovely idea for engaging kids..m sure little once with enjoy decorating the tree!

  2. Wow. I love it at the first look. I am not a mom yet, but when I have my kid, I will teach my kid try with these. These are so cute. Great work for the Christmas gift

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