Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Watercolor Hand print Art

I'm always a bit nervous about transitions in life.  And having a new baby has certainly been a humongous transition for our whole family.  Diapers, giggles, crying, baby snuggles... we're still trying to find our new groove as a family of four.  So I came up with this hand print art project to do with my eldest son.  Despite all the crazy chaos that this stage of life brings, I still wanted to celebrate our family.

Family Watercolor Hand Print Art  

Kids Abstract Hand Print Watercolor Art Project that celebrates family
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If you're an avid picture book reader too, here is a helpful list of our favorite books about families:

To make this abstract hand print art, I first used a pencil and traced each member's hands onto drawing paper.  (I used a pencil at first because I didn't want to stain my younger son's hands.  Then, my eldest son and I traced the hand prints with permanent marker.  We used permanent marker so that the colors wouldn't bleed later on.)

Abstract Watercolor Hand print Kids Art Project that Celebrates Family

Then, we grabbed our watercolor paint set and got painting.

(There's always so therapeutic about mixing and painting bright, lovely colors.)

Our family hand print art- made using all the family members hands

And that's it.

I really, really enjoyed making this special and beautiful piece of art with my son.   Hopefully you'll enjoy making this with your kiddos too.

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Happy making, friends!