Monday, May 7, 2018

Easy Sharpie Tile Art

Did you know that you can use Sharpie markers to decorate tiles?

Easy Sharpie Tile Art with kids

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This weekend I took my sons to our school carnival.  While both boys loved playing the games, my eldest really enjoyed decorating plain white tiles with Sharpie Markers!  (He drew the lion tile shown in this post!)

Are these permanent?

Yes and no. (It depends.)

Although we used permanent markers to decorate the tiles, the results AREN'T permanent in certain conditions.  If you just hang the tile up, the Sharpie will stay nice and bright.

But if you scratch, rub, or wash the tiles your decorations will disappear.  

And, definitely wait until the Sharpie marker dries before touching your artwork.  Or else you will smear the color completely off. 

Can you heat the tile to set the Sharpies in?


I peeked around online and saw that some people claimed baking the tiles would set the colors.  I baked my tile at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  When I pulled the tile out, the colors had darkened.  The colors also smeared when I tried washing the tile (although the colors did seem slightly more resistant to rubbing off than before.) 

So I'd just recommend you treat this like a nice piece of kid art and DON'T wash the tile and DON'T use it for anything.  Just hang it up and enjoy!

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Easy Sharpie Tile Art with Kids

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