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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg Part 2

Here are the last of our Colonial Williamsburg photos:

Poor Chuck went to prison

"But I'm innocent!"

What gorgeous dresses!

Can you believe that their shoemakers actually made these shoes?

Silversmith's tools

Female blacksmith (yay, girl power!) explaining how they make nails

Chuck wearing daddy's hat

Fife and drum parade

P6015552 from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg Part 1

Hooray!  It's finally Friday.  How was your week? 
Ours wasn't too bad, but today it's raining so Chuck and I are going to be stuck at home all afternoon.  Boo.

Last weekend the three of us visited Colonial Williamsburg for a mini-vacation. Despite the 7 hour car ride and super hot weather (ack 90s!), we had a really lovely time.  It was the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun.  Plus, we got to learn a bit of our nation's history and see people in costumes.  Ahh, it was so nice to escape from modernity, if only for a little bit.  

Hope you have a great weekend!  

(Quick reminder- you still have till midnight tonight to enter my Kiwi Crate giveaway!)

Playing hide and seek with daddy

Can you believe they dyed these fabrics there?  Such lovely colors.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two days in New York

This past week I got a chance to tour Manhattan for two whole days.  (!!!!)  Hubby took me around town to celebrate my birthday (yay!) and then I showed our aunt around town another day.  It was such a nice treat to wear my "nice" clothes (aka non-mommy-stained-t-shirts) and see the city I love.

Here are some photos from my New York adventures:
Delicious breakfast at Cafe Lalo (famous from the movie "You've got mail.")

Sneakily taking a photo during a wedding photo shoot at Central Park's Bethesda Terrace

One of my travel companions

Fresh flowers at Union Square Farmers Market
Ethiopian food served at Massawa Ethiopian Restaurant

No idea where I shot these flowers, but I love them because they remind me of an old painting
Best. Popsicle. Ever.  (People's Pops on the High Line)  I left feeling inspired to re-try popsicle-making this summer
Beautiful mural seen on the High Line

Three Pie Face meat pies. Yurrrmmy.

Tiny New York City from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

Monday, January 14, 2013

E and E wedding

I always cry at weddings and this one was no exception.

Thank you, E and E, for inviting us to join in your special day.

And thank you, dad and Grace, for watching Baby Chuck for a whole day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Queens County Farm Museum

Dear Sandy,

You're not playing nicely with others.  I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to leave.  No treats for you.  Please go away!


As I'm writing this post, Sandy is outside loudly howling and rattling our windows.  We've briefly lost power a couple of times, but I think we should be ok.  *Crosses fingers*

Hubby and I have been watching the news and it's horrible seeing all the flooding and damage.  We hope everyone is able to stay safe. 

To mentally escape from the craziness outside, I'm posting several photos from last weekend's pumpkin picking adventure.  (Looking at colorful photos makes me happy.)  It was our first time visiting the Queens County Farm Museum.  Just an hour away, we felt like we left our urban environment behind. 

Who knew that such a beautiful place existed in New York City?

  These pictures are such a far cry  from what's going on outside.  Eek.  Please stay safe! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Reviewing our move: (Most) of our stuff arrives

About a week ago, the movers finally brought our stuff. 

Hubby and I were excited to unpack and put things away.  But then we started noticing that some boxes  looked a bit different than we remembered:

I don't remember packing a concave box...

or a crumpled box.  Hmmm...

We also noticed some of our furniture got chipped and cracked:

And where are our headboard, bed frame, foot board, box of tools, and car trunk cover?    Apparently still in Chicago.

So now we're contacting the company and waiting some more....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reviewing our move: The pickup fiasco

What's wrong with this picture?  (Photo sneakily taken via iPod.)

Hubby and I found several moving companies online and ended up choosing a company that seemed to give us a good deal.  We chose to use professional movers to alleviate stress.  Instead, our movers caused us tons of anxiety and grief.  They seemed like nice guys, but they weren't dependable, didn't take good care of our belongings, and didn't communicate with us at all. 

The trouble all began during the pick up stage.  They were scheduled to come between 3 and 5pm. They actually arrived at 8pm and didn't leave until 1am. 

We lived in a two bedroom apartment and had all of our stuff packed.  Why did it take them five hours?  Well, first of all,  they didn't actually start loading our stuff until 9pm because they had to readjust other peoples' items.  Baby Chuck and I watched them work and we were shocked.  They tossed boxes out of the truck and onto the ground.  They stood on furniture.  They also crammed large boxes into too-small openings.

Then, they didn't bring the right tools for the job.  They couldn't take apart the bed and crib, so they asked hubby to go out and purchase the right tool.  Poor hubby had to drive out to Meijer at 10:30 pm to find what they were looking for. 

Sadly, they also didn't have have enough room in the truck for our stuff.  Instead of calling another truck to come, the movers just tied the remaining items onto the back of the truck with rope. 

While watching my bike and our mattress precariously dangling off the side of the truck at 1am, hubby and I said several silent prayers that our belonging would make it safely to our new apartment.