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Monday, May 2, 2016

Accordion Folded Flowers

Spring is definitely in our neck of the woods.  And that means two things:  flowers and parties. Yup!  The flowers have gone gangbusters and we've celebrated tons of friends' birthdays in the past two months.   I think that's why I felt inspired to make today's super nifty flower craft.  These accordion folded flowers are such a nice way to bring the loveliness of Spring indoors.  They'll look great adorning your home or as pretty party decorations too!

How To Fold Accordion Folded Flowers!

how to fold accordion folded paper flowers with origami paper

So head on over to DIY Candy today to see my super easy tutorial for these accordion folded flowers!

Happy making, friends!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MAGIC Color Transfer Art!

Did you ever play with carbon paper as a kid?  (Hmm... have I just seriously dated myself here?)  I LOVED that stuff.  You stuck it behind a sheet of blank paper, went to town doodling, lifted up your carbon paper and then ooh la la!  Instant copy.  So, so cool.  Today I'm sharing an easy and fun art activity that hearkens back to good old carbon paper.  We're making ourselves some colorful, color transfer art!  (It's like making your very own rainbow carbon transfer paper!)

Magic Color Transfer Art!

Magic Color Transfer- Easy and fun art activity for kids!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Easy Train Cupcakes!

Are you a whiz in the kitchen?  A baking maven?  A fondant savant?  If so... this post ain't for you.  This post is for people like me.  People who would rather just buy baked goods then slave away in front of a hot oven.  I stink at baking. But today I'm sharing this super easy food-themed post because I made these super super cute train-themed cupcakes for a friend's party.  (And you'll never guess how I decorated them!)

Easiest Ever Train Cupcakes!

Super Easy Train Cupcakes- Decorated with fruit roll ups!
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