Friday, August 7, 2015

Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers!

Lately I've been enamored with paper plate crafts.  We always have a ton of cheap, white paper plates lying around and they're the perfect canvas.  A couple of days ago my son was sick and we stayed home all day.  Fortunately, we kept ourselves busy with Lego, lots of book reading, and two paper plate crafts.  We had such fun painting, I thought I'd share our crafts here.  Here's our first paper plate craft-

Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers

how to make beautiful, hyper-colorful flowers from paper plates- great kids art project for all ages!
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So what do you think?  I'm in LOVE with how these flowers turned out.  Really, really, gorgeous.  And, (even better), they're really easy to make and paint too!  

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Ok! Let's make some beautiful paper plate flowers!

cut your paper plate flowers out

Each flower consists of 4 cheap white paper plates.  (I like the uncoated ones the best!)  Then, I cut four different sized flowers from the plates.

curl the petals of the paper plate flowers with pencils, pens, or markers

Then, I curled the petals of the flowers by curling each petal around a marker.  (Note:  You could also paint the flowers before doing this step.)

Staple the four flowers together to create paper plate flowers

Then, I stapled the flowers together.  (You could also glue them together, but I didn't want to wait for glue to dry.)

now it's time to paint your paper plate flowers

Then, I covered our work area (with an old Halloween tablecloth!).  I poured a couple of drops of liquid watercolors into an old candy container, and we got painting!

Side note:  We LOVE our liquid watercolors.  They are our current favorite art supplies.  You don't need a lot and you always get such beautiful vibrant colors.  Yes, your hands will get dyed in the process, but everything washes off.  My son wasn't always into painting with me before because he didn't like getting Tempera paint on his fingers.  Maybe it was a texture thing?  But he really enjoys using this paint.

Create the middle of your paper plate flower with  circle stickers

Once everything dried, we covered the centers with circle stickers.

directions to make beautiful, hyper-colorful paper plate flowers

That's it!

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Love the look of watercolor paints and flowers?  Here's a gorgeous and easy kids art project to turn paper plates into hypercolorful paper plate flowers.  Easy and beautiful.