Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gorgeous Fluttering Paper Plate Butterflies

Last week I shared these beautiful hyper colorful painted paper plate flowers. Since y'all seemed to enjoy them so much, today I'm continuing with the paper plate craft theme and sharing these lovely paper plate butterflies as well!

Gorgeous Fluttering Paper Plate Butterflies!

How to make beautiful, colorful paper plate butterflies with kids!

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These butterflies were cut and folded quite similarly to my previous gigantic fluttering butterflies.... except that this time we used paper plates!

How to cut and fold paper plate butterflies

To make the butterflies, I simply folded the paper plates in half.  Then, I cut out a butterfly shape.  Then, I folded the wings down and stapled the body together.

Paint your paper plate butterflies

Voila!  To decorate them, we simply grabbed our favorite paints and got to work painting the butterflies alongside our flowers.

how to make beautiful, fluttering paper plate butterflies with kids

Once the paint dried, we had a blast fluttering our butterflies around our backyard.

(Ha!  Like his smile?  
This is his cheesy "mom's taking a photo of me so I'm smiling really crazy" smile.)

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how to make beautiful, fluttering, paper plate with kids- great kids art project!