Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doggie doctor visit

Lately Charlie hasn't been feeling too well.  He's been lethargic,disinterested in his food, and having accidents in our apartment.  The vet diagnosed him as having a urinary tract infection.  So far we've tried two types of antibiotics and neither one seemed to help.  Today we're taking him in for an x-ray.

Hopefully they'll figure out what's wrong.

Update:  The results were inconclusive.  The vet doesn't know what's wrong.. so we're now debating our options...


  1. poor charlie, i hope he feels better soon and gain his strength for the move.

  2. ): charlie...
    give him a good pet behind the ears for me!

  3. Sadly, the tests were inconclusive and they still don't know what's wrong.....

  4. what does it mean debating your options? :O what are they?


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