Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping into a better day

Hi everyone,

It's me, Baby Chuck.  Happy Leap Day!
Do you like my froggy hat?  I wore it for Leap Day.

Mum is taking a nap.  I put her to bed  early because she was very tired.  We had a very busy day.  Today I tried to cheer her up, so I set up a play date with another mommy.  I think the two mommies hit it off, so I'll set up another play date for them in the future.  We also took daddy on an adventure to Saugatuck.  All the shops were closed, so we just walked around and enjoyed the nice weather and the water.   

I hope you had a good Leap Day too.

Baby Chuck

PS- Happy 6 month birthday Baby Manny!
PPS- I don't know what happened... but my face feels less itchy today.  Mum can't stop kissing it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Strawberry faced mummy boy

Last week I took Baby Chuck to the allergist to get retested.  Because he's still so small, they were only able to do a portion of the testing.  After they stuck a bunch of needles into his back, we found out that he's allergic to even more food items.  Now we're eliminating wheat, soy, nuts, and fish from our diet.  We're also sticking with nursing because our previous attempt at formula resulted in swollen eyelids and lips.

Despite our radical diet change, Chuck's skin is a lot worse.  He's still red and itchy.  We've even had to bandage his legs to prevent him from tearing at his own skin.  I'm hoping that he's just reacting to the allergy shots and that things will calm down with time. 

Hubby keeps reminding me that even though it doesn't feel like it, we're getting closer to understanding (and hopefully fixing) the problem.  We just have to stay strong and be persistent.

If only hugs and kisses could solve all of life's problems...  

One stamp to rule them all

Currently I'm no longer adjuncting at our local college.  I've generally been happy with that decision because now I get plenty of time to get to know and care for Baby Chuck.  Even though he's awfully cute and wonderful to hug and kiss, I do miss adult conversations and the satisfaction that comes with creating and giving lectures.

While perusing the blogosphere, I recently I spotted this stamp.  And just for a moment, I wished that I was teaching again...just so that I could use it.