Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hide it close to your heart

Disappointments.  Fears.  Worries about the future.  Problems with a second pregnancy.  A break-up.  Struggles with job-hunting.  Illegal residency.  A  child with learning disabilities.

While hearing about friends' and family members' struggles, this quote kept popping into my head:

It's true, right?  Life is beautiful, but it is also brutal.  I'm going to hide the quote close to my heart, and pull it out whenever I feel myself getting grumpy at someone or feeling too shy around strangers.


  1. That is beautiful! Think kind thoughts for me?

  2. I love that quote. Thanks Leslie :)

  3. Thanks guys. I'll think lots of kind thoughts for you.

    I love the quote too. I wasn't sure who actually said it though.. Plato? MacLaren? So I didn't attribute it to anyone...

  4. Thanks for sharing, Les! A great quote, especially for people going through struggles within the family.

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