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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Totally Awesome 3D Perler Bead Pikachu and Squirtle (Free Patterns)

If you are OBSESSED with Pokemon then you gotta check out today's awesome Pokemon Craft.  Yup.  We made a 3D perler bead Pikachu AND Squirtle.    They're like little adorable puzzle cubes of fun. Swoon, craft-loving friends, swoon!

3D Perler Bead Pokemon Creations!

how to make 3d perler bead pokemon- pikachu and squirtle (free patterns)

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Popsicle Stick Boxes for Easter and St. Patrick's Day

Last week I received a box of goodies from Oriental Trading company.  And you know what craft items excited me the most?  The popsicle sticks.  I love popsicle stick crafts.   Some of my favorite crafting memories were making popsicle stick boxes in summer camp.  Today I'm sharing popsicle stick boxes that we made for Easter, St. Patrick's Day.... and Pokemon Day! (Ok, I made the last  holiday up. We're just seriously crazy about Pokemon right now.)

popsicle stick box crafts for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Pokemon Day (Just kidding!)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Paint Chip Pokemon Pikachu Bookmark

Pikachu bookmarks, get your Pikachu bookmarks!  This fun paint chip bookmark craft is easy to make and *gasp* free!  (You probably have most of the materials at your fingertips.) So grab your kids and poke balls and let's make 'em now!

How to Make Paint Chip Pikachu Bookmarks

Paint Chip Pokemon Pikachu Bookmarks- Easy Kids Craft!
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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Easy Origami Pikachu Tutorial

We've gotten hooked onto Pokemon Go.  I kept holding off on the app, but once my husband showed my son.... he fell in love with the little critters, especially Pikachu.  Pikachu was always my favorite too, so it was neat to share that with him.  We recently made this super easy origami pikachu together.  (Oh yes! Another paper folding craft!)  It was such a fun kids craft that I'm sharing the step-by-step folding directions over here!  

How to Fold an Origami Pikachu

How to fold an Origami Pikachu- Easy Step-by-step directions for all Pokemon lovers
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(And yes.  These instructions are so easy that even an almost 5 year old can make it!)


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