Thursday, December 30, 2010

PinkSocks: LOL

Isn't it funny how written communication between friends has changed over time?  Before, we used to write lovely letters in beautiful cursive.

Now we speedily IM or G-chat.

GApeachez:  yo so you are i cherry hill with fam?

Sweetbea:  yaeap lol sucks lol haha
i'm drunk girl!  u?

GApeachez:  hah no
Sweetbea: lol hahahha
wat did u do todayyy

GApeachez:  haahah

Sweetbea:  so u did hahahha today hahahhaha

GApeachez: haahha
i did
i just stayed in wit my sister
she leaves twomorrow

Sweetbea:  aww2bad  :(    brb

Similar message, faster speed, and yet something seems lacking....