Monday, February 6, 2012

Free book: From my library to yours

I love getting stuff in the mail.
Recently, I received a lovely box of goodies from a good friend.  Amongst the items was this book:

I'm a big time Project Runway fan and I really enjoyed reading the book.  Tim is a thoughtful and humorous writer and each chapter read like a conversation between beloved mentor and little ol' me.  While reading, I became familiar with Tim Gunn's background (did you know that he was a shy kid?) and I found myself privy to behind the scenes Project Runway gossip (can you guess which two designers didn't get along with Gunn?) and some juicy tidbits about various fashion icons (ahem, like a certain editor at Vogue).

So, now that I'm done with the book, I'd like to pass it along to someone else.  If you'd like the book,  just leave a comment below telling me your favorite article of clothing before 10PM this Thursday.  I'll announce the lucky winner on Friday.

Psst- is anyone else watching Project Runway All Stars?  Team Mondo all the way!


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