Thursday, August 8, 2013

Using crafts to encourage others: A look at a Crafting Ezine

It shouldn't come as a shock to you... but I love crafting.

Oy.  How I love crafting.

I love making stuff and I love the idea that my stuff can bring a small smile to other peoples' faces. 

And that's why I'm super thankful that talented bloggers Amy (AmySullivan1) and Lisa (AboutProximity) included my galaxy umbrella in the first issue of their new ezine, Impact.  This is a quarterly magazine that will focus on different ways that we can positively influence others' lives.

Their first issue shares some great ideas for encouraging others through crafts.  You can check it out below!

(Ooh.. those cute winter gloves and foot scrub recipes are calling my name.  Happy crafting and have a great weekend.)

Note:  If you're having problems viewing the embedded magazine, you can also click here too.