Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Make Shaving Cream Clouds and Paint the bathtub walls

With all the crazy weather that's been happening around these parts, I thought Chuck and I could try creating some of our own crazy weather... indoors!  So we made a shaving cream cloud and watched it rain rainbows...

Oooh.  Isn't it pretty?
Make shaving cream clouds and rainbow rain

Keep reading to find out how we made it rain rainbows!

How to Make it Rain Rainbows:

1. First we filled up a clear glass with water.
2. Then, we topped it off with a shaving cream "cloud."
3. Then Chuck went to town and dripped drops of food coloring over our shaving cream cloud.  We kept  dripping until it "rained" colors. 

But then we didn't throw away the colored shaving cream.  Instead, we scooped it off, and mixed up the colors....

and painted our bathtub walls!

 Painting Bathroom Walls with Shaving Cream Paint

(Thanks to a couple of friends and fb likers for suggesting this idea!) 
(But warning, some of the food coloring stained our grout.... but I'm hoping it will go away soon.  Eeek!  Fortunately, our colorful hands returned back to normal by the next day.)