Monday, March 3, 2014

Leprechaun Hat Headband DIY

I'm not Irish. (Surprise!)  But I appreciate St. Patrick's Day because it gives me the opportunity to wear green and cute Leprechaun gear.  So today's craft is a DIY Leprechaun hat headband that was made from... wait for it.... toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes!   

Yup!  Today we're making our very own Leprechaun hat!
Leprechaun Hat Headband DIY from Toilet paper Roll
Keep reading to see how we made this little Leprechaun hat headband!

Materials Needed to create Leprechaun Hat Headband:

  • Toilet paper Roll
  • Scissors (Normal and Fabric)
  • Pen
  • Cereal Box
  • Green Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue Gun
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Felt (black and yellow)
  • Headband
  • Paper (stiffer than computer paper, I used watercolor paper)
  • Clear Tape

Steps to create a Leprechaun Hat Headband: 

Steps to create Leprechaun Hat from Toilet paper Roll
1.  Cut your toilet paper roll to size.  Then, draw a horizontal line around one end of the headband.  Make sure that it's approximately equal distance from the end all around.  Then, cut slits to create tabs.

2.  Trace your toilet paper roll onto a cereal box.  Then, trace a larger circle around your initial circle.  Cut out the larger circle out.  (This will  become your hat's brim.)

3.  Cut out the inside circle.

4.  Now trace your toilet paper roll onto your paper. Then, trace out another larger circle around your initial circle.

Final Steps to create DIY Leprechaun hat for St. patrick's Day
5.  Cut out your larger paper circle.  Cut slits ending at the inner circle.  Now you've got yourself lots of tabs.  Bend those tabs to create the top portion of your hat.

6.   Slip your paper circle inside your toilet paper cylinder and secure it with tape.  Now you've got the top of your hat completed.

7.  Now slip your cereal box brim over the toilet paper roll's tabs.  Bend the tabs down and tape the hat together.

8.  Paint everything.

Painted Toilet paper Roll Leprechaun hat craft

9.  Cut out a thin strip of black felt and a rectangular piece of yellow felt.  Hot glue both on to complete your toilet paper Leprechaun hat.

Attach pipe cleaners to the bottom of your DIY Leprechaun hat
10. Cut your pipe cleaner in half.  Attach it to the bottom of your hat with hot glue and two felt strips.  

DIY leprechaun hat headband for St. Patrick's Day
11.  Wind your pipe cleaner bits around your headband.  Trim off any excess bits.

Now your toilet paper roll Leprechaun headband is complete!
Child wearing Leprechaun Hat DIY Headband

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Have fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with this fun toilet paper roll craft!

Toilet paper roll Leprechaun Hat Headband DIY Kids craft