Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make Rainbow flowers

Rainbows and bright colors are currently on my mind.  Chuck and I are impatient for spring to come.  So when I stared at our white flowers (leftovers from Valentine's Day- can you believe they lived that long?) I knew the perfect "almost-spring-but-not-yet" craft.  Painting rainbow flowers!  
super easy way to make rainbow flowers

Heh heh.  We couldn't wait for Mother Nature to give us colorful blooms, so we painted our own.  Keep reading to see a super easy way to make your own rainbow flowers!

Materials Needed to Make Rainbow Flowers:

  • White flowers
  • Container to hold flowers
  • Food coloring
  • Dropper 
  • Paint brush
  • Mini muffin tin (or really any cups to hold your colors)
  • Towels (You're going to get messy!)

How to Make Rainbow Flowers: 


Use food coloring to paint white flowers rainbow colored

1.  Stand your flowers up in a container.  (Our flowers were so light, we kept knocking the container down.  So I had to hold the container upright.)

2.  Mix a couple of drops of food coloring in with water to create your "flower paint."  (I put all the colors in a dark mini muffin tray, which was nice because they were all grouped together and hard to knock over.  But, we struggled to see the colors since the tray was so dark.)

3.  Use your dropper or paint brush to apply colors to your white flowers.  (Be warned! If you have a messy artist like me, your colors are going to drip everywhere!)

The results are lovely, don't you think?
Paint and Make lovely rainbow flowers

Ooh. Let's look a bit closer at the rainbow colors...
Food coloring on white flowers make rainbow flowers

Chuck enjoyed using the dropper more than he enjoyed using the paint brush.  He ended up getting quite carried away with the activity.  He mixed all the colors together and dripped a LOT of food coloring onto  our flowers.

Once the colors dried, voila, we had our very own man-made  rainbow flowers.
Food Coloring Painted Rainbow flowers

Upclose shot of food coloring painted rainbow flowers

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Happy rainbow making!