Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day Activity- Make Pi Art!

Happy Pi Day everyone!  I remember thinking this holiday was really cool when I was younger.  We let out our inner nerds, drank soda, and ate a pizza pie in class.  Earlier this week I whetted your mathy appetite when I shared how I turned Pi into wearable art.  My super easy and colorful Pi Day Bracelets were made by stringing different colored beads according to the digits in Pi.  Today I'm celebrating Pi Day with two colorful and geometric pieces of Pi Day Inspired Artwork.

 "Easy As Pi" Artwork!

Turn Pi into lovely math artwork

And if you have younger preschool aged children, check out my 5 easy ways to celebrate Pi Day with Preschoolers!

Now let's celebrate your inner nerd and create some fun artwork to brighten up your wall.  Let's get started!

Materials Needed to Make Pi Artwork:

  • Paper (I used Watercolor)
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Something with a long straight edge
  • Eraser
  • Protractor 
  • Large circular object
  • Printout of Pi's digits 
  • Color codes (To relate Pi's digits to specific colors)

Print out the digits of Pi and create a color code


Draw Polka Dot Pi Inspired Artwork:


Polka Dot Pi Artwork


1.  Place a small dash at every inch along all four sides of your paper.  Then connect the dashes to make a grid.
2.  Using your color codes, draw a dot (whose color corresponds with Pi's digit) at every other inch mark.  Use an eraser to erase your pencil markings.

Steps to Make polka dot pi artwork


Draw Pi As a Colorful Network:

turn Pi into a colorful network artwork

1.  Trace your circular object.
2.  Make a mark every 36 degrees and label that with a digit 0-9.  Then, place a colored dot corresponding to each digit on your circle.
3.   Draw a line connecting each digit of Pi with the next.  For example, I first drew a line from 3 to 1 that was the color of 3.  Then, I drew a line from 1 to 4 that was the color of 1.  Keep on going.  (Things got a bit confusing.  So, to help keep track of colors and digits, I kept crossing off already used digits off my Pi printout.) 
4.  Once you have a design that you like (I waited till I finally got a 0), erase all your pencil marks.

There you have it.  Two ways you can transform Pi's digits into lovely and colorful artwork.

And it was as easy as Pi, right?

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Happy making, friends!



two ways to turn Pi into artwork- pi day activity

Happy drawing, you Pi-lovers!