Thursday, May 8, 2014

6 Fun Flower Activities for Kids

I've had flowers on my mind lately.  But can you blame me?  Spring is here and the world is bursting with color!  Plus, Mother's day is coming up and I imagine mothers all over receiving flowers as gifts.  So that's why I put together this list of 6 fun flower activities that you can do with your kids.   You can turn flowers into works of art, use them to decorate stationary, or place them in a sensory bin!  Let's get started!

6 Fun Flower Activities 

1.  Create Cardboard Flower Looms 


Yesterday I shared a tutorial for cup weaving.  Today I'm sharing a tutorial for flower weaving.  Simply create a loom from cardboard and yarn and then weave your flowers through.  The weaving is simple and the resulting artwork is beautiful.  To create your own cardboard flower loom, simply

  • Cut out a cardboard rectangle
  • Cut out a smaller rectangle in the middle, creating a cardboard "frame"
  • Cut out equally distanced slits on both sides of the frame

  • Cut out a piece of yarn
  • Slide one end of the yarn into a slit and tape it down
  • Lace up your loom by slipping the string through slits on alternating sides of the loom
  • Tape the other end of your yarn down once you're finished 

And now you're ready to do some flower weaving!


2.  Make Flower Petal and Leaf Artwork 


Pull off the petals and leaves from your flowers and use them to create some lovely artwork. Glue them down, or just take photos to record your artwork!


3.  Create a Petal and Leaf Sensory Bin


While I was weaving and creating artwork, Chuck was more interested in pulling off the petals and leaves.  So I went with it.  We placed all his petals and leaves in a shallow pan and he drove cars over them.  (You could also use a set of tongs or add a little water for some more flowery fun!) 

4.  Make Flower Prints 


One activity that Chuck and I did awhile back was to use flowers to make prints.  The results were beautiful and we had a lot of fun painting without brushes. Click here to see how we made flower prints!

5.  Do some Flower Pounding 


If you happen to have vibrantly colored flowers with flat faces, then this flower pounding activity is perfect for you.  You simply use hammers to crush the flowers and leave lovely imprints on paper. (Hammering flowers?  Yup.  This was a fun activity for my 2 year old.)

6.  Make a Dandelion Crown


Dandelions are EVERYWHERE now and they are perfect for making crowns or necklaces.  Click here to  make a dandelion crown in only a couple of minutes.

Phew.  That was a lot of activities.  
There you have it!  6 fun flower activities that you can do with your children.

Have fun!