Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cup Weaving Tutorial

I've been meaning to try out weaving for awhile now.  I decided to start out small with this cup weaving project.  It's a super simple craft that can be completed while watching your favorite tv show.  (Yay Agents of Shield!  Does that make me geeky?)  To make your own cup weaving, you'll need some yarn, a pair of scissors, and a plastic cup and then you're ready to go!

Cup Weaving Tutorial 

how to do cup weaving (a tutorial)

Pretty right?  The yarn really transforms my plain old disposable plastic cup into something useful and beautiful.  Ok.  Let's get weaving! 

Materials Needed to do Cup Weaving 


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  • Plastic Cups 
  • Yarn  (or ribbon or other string)
  • Scissors

How to do Cup Weaving

cut plastic cup to create weaving tabs

1.  Cut out an odd number of tabs in your plastic cup.  You can cut your slits all the way to the bottom of the cup, but I left about an inch of the cup still intact because I liked seeing the bottoms of my pens peeking out.

Here are some more photos of the plastic tabs:

cut plastic cup for cup weaving

Now let's do some cup weaving!

how to do cup weaving

2.  Cut out a length of string.  Tie a double know on one end.  Slip the knot inside one of your cuts.  Make sure it's facing the inside of the cup and you won't see the knot from the outside.

3.  Then start your cup weaving.  Go over a plastic tab, and under a plastic tab.  Keep repeating this over-under process over and over again.

  • Don't pull your yarn too tight or you'll distort the cup's shape.
  • Slide the yarn down as you weave to fill up any empty space.

4.  Soon you'll see a band of color appear.

5.  When you run out of yarn (or you want to change colors), simply tie another string (or in this case, I tried using ribbon) to your previous strand of yarn.  Try to tie the knot so that it's hidden inside of the cup and not shown from the outside.  Then, keep on weaving!

6.  When you're done, just double knot off your string, trim it, and hide the excess bit inside of your weaving.


Here's what your cup weaving will look like from the inside:


(Note:  If you look closely, you'll see that I have an even number of plastic tabs.  That caused a problem in my weaving, so be sure to cut out an odd number of weaving tabs.)

cup weaving tutorial


Here's what your cup weaving will look like from the outside:  

use yarn to do cup weaving

Now you've got a lovely cup to hold all your favorite pens!

how to do cup weaving

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Happy weaving!