Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Painted Twig Wall Hanging

Painted Twig Wall Art 

Chuck's still too young to completely understand the idea of Mother's Day.  But if he were going to give me a handmade gift this Sunday, I'd venture to say that this Painted Twig Wall Hanging would probably be it.  My little guy has an eye for twigs.  Whenever we go for a walk outside, we inevitably bring back a twig, or a rock, or a leaf (luckily, he hasn't asked to bring back any bugs yet.  I might have to put my foot down there.)  Our nature collection tends to grow pretty quickly.  That's why I really like this twig wall art.  It's a beautiful way to remember walks outside, showcase his collection, and do some fun mommy-son crafting too.

Materials Needed to Make Painted Twig Wall Art 

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Steps to Make Painted Twig Wall Art

how to create painted twig wall hanging

1.  Find sticks.  Clean sticks.  (I brushed off the dirt.)  Cover your work area.

2.  Paint sticks.

3.  Once the paint dries, drill your holes.
  • First arrange your sticks to see what order you want to place them.
  • Make your holes the smallest you can so that the yarn will just slip through.  Then you won't have to tie too many knots to secure your stick.
  • If your stick is the same thickness throughout, just drill the hole in the center.  But if your stick is bent or has funny knobs, you have to find its center of gravity.  To do so, balance the stick on your finger.  Now drill the stick at the point where your finger touched the stick.  (If you don't do this your stick will not hang horizontally.  I learned this the hard way.)

4.  Cut out a long piece of yarn.  Tape one end to help you slip it through the holes.

5.  Slip your yarn through one stick at a time.  Double (or triple) knot it after stringing on the stick to help it stay in place.  Hold up the yarn up and make sure the stick lies horizontally.  Then, move onto the next stick.

6.  Trim your yarn at the end and tie a loop at the other end. 

upclose shot of painted twigs

Now you've got yourself a lovely piece of natural artwork. Ours is currently hanging in Chuck's room.

Happy crafting!

Psst- Got more sticks lying around?  You could always turn them into a twig and pipe cleaner word art or little twig animals