Thursday, May 15, 2014

Corn Syrup Paint

Are you looking for a paint that's super pigmented and remains glossy looking when it's dry?  Well then this corn syrup paint is for you.  Chuck and I whipped up a batch of this glossy paint the other day in our kitchen.  Then we had loads of fun trying it out.  The paint is edible (although you probably don't want to eat it), has a consistency  thicker than regular paint, and looks like shiny enamel when it dries.  Intrigued?  Check out the results!

Make Glossy Corn Syrup Paint

how to make glossy corn syrup paint
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Oooooh.  Pretty.  So far we've made homemade sidewalk paint, homemade watercolor paints, and cornstarch toddler paint ... but none of those stand up to the gorgeous results of this homemade corn syrup paint.  The bright colors and gloss are fabulous.   (Yes.  I used the f-word.)  And ready for the best thing?  You could probably whip up a batch of this stuff tonight with ingredients and materials already found at home.  Let's get painting!

  Ingredients Needed to make Glossy Corn Syrup Paint



Materials Needed to Make Glossy Corn Syrup Paint


How to Make Glossy Corn Syrup Paint

how to make glossy corn syrup paint

1.  Fill up each of your mini muffin tins with light corn syrup (about 1 1/2 T if you're using another container.)

2.  Then, add 2-3 drops of food coloring into each tin.  Swirl the two together.  (This made plenty of paint for Chuck and me to use.)

And now you've got yourself some lovely corn syrup paint to try out!  Here are a couple of things that we learned while we painted:
  • Corn Syrup Paint is super sticky, so we used Q-tips to paint.
  • To prevent colors from getting mixed, use a different Q-tip for each color. 
  • We first drew on our watercolor paper with crayons.  Our drawings helped to guide our painting.  
  • You get thicker coverage when you dab (instead of wipe) the paint on.   
  • After dabbing on the paint, use toothpicks to swirl the colors around.
  • Once you've finished painting, leave it somewhere safe to dry.  Don't touch it!  Make sure nothing falls on your painting.  The corn syrup paint should be dry within a couple of hours.  It will still look wet, but feel smooth and hard to the touch.  However, don't keep touching the paint.  It will get sticky from your hands.  
 Here's Chuck's picture.
He had a lot of fun coloring different shapes in.  You can also tell where he dabbed and where he wiped.

child's corn syrup painting

Here's mine.
It's pretty cool that the paint still looks glossy and wet even when dry.

how to make glossy corn syrup paint (looks wet, but dry to the touch)

We painted these about a week ago and they're still good.  Depending on the humidity, sometimes the paint feels a bit sticky to the touch.  We don't mind.  Chuck's artwork is still hanging on his bedroom wall.  But, I don't think that this artwork will last forever.  (It is corn syrup, after all.) 
Hopefully you'll have fun making a batch of corn syrup paint too.  If you're looking for other easy ways to make homemade art supplies, check out these links below:

Happy painting!