Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Create Abstract Art with Kids

Chuck and I enjoy painting... well... just about anything.  Give this kid a brush and paint and he's good to go.  I love making art with the little guy and that's why I'm always on the look out for new ways to paint.  That's why this easy abstract painting tutorial on the awesome blog Create Art with Mel really appealed to me.  You simply use a common household item to create interesting abstract art.  Care to guess what the item is?   

create abstract art with toddlers
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How to create Easy Abstract Paintings with Kids

Cover your work area.  Then, drip drops of paint (We used this kind) onto sheets of watercolor paper.

place drops of paint on paper

Grab your piece of corrugated cardboard (or an old credit card would probably work too) and drag it over your paint.  You'll now see streaks of color. 
grab a piece of corrugated cardboard and drag

Ooh.  What lovely streaks!
create lovely streaks of color

Keep going!  Here's a photo of Chuck's abstract artwork:
how to create abstract art with kids

Of course I had to try it out for myself too.  Here's one of mine:
easy abstract art painting with kids

You can always just keep your artwork and hang it up on the wall.  Or, you can cut it up like we did
cut up your artwork

And turn it into a mosaic!   Recently we've been loving books on on these animals.  So we did a craft where we simply used glue sticks to attach the mosaic pieces to a piece of leftover cardboard. 
create a mosaic with your abstract art

Hope you have fun making abstract drag artwork with your kids!  And if you liked this post, then here are some other fun ways to make art with the kids: