Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks

Even though I don't like clutter, I'm also a secret horder of two things.  One is cardboard.  (Happy sigh.)  The other is Chuck's artwork.... which is a growing problem because we keep painting and I never know what to do with the art that I like.  I hang some up in his room.  I turn other pieces into new artwork.  I also use some for cards and stationary (see here , here, and here for some of my favorites)  Goodness, I even turned one into a magnetic fishing game!  Well recently I began turning his artwork into lovely little handmade notebooks.  

Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks

watercolor and crayon resist notebooks

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These were made from from some old watercolor and crayon resist artwork... and I love them.  They're personal, lovely, and practical.  I use them to jot down all my bloggy and crafty ideas throughout the day.  And oh yeah, they're super easy to make too!  So let's get crafting!

Materials Needed to Make Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks 


materials used to create watercolor and crayon resist artwork


Let's make some Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks!

(Note:  These are super basic notebooks.  If you want to see some exquisite handmade notebooks, check out Chelsey's Sketchy Notions blog and shop.  She's a super talented artist, illustrator, and book maker.  I find her work to be very beautiful and inspiriting.)

1.  Draw over your watercolor paper with crayons or oil pastels.

2.  Then, paint watercolors over it.  Your crayon or oil pastels will stand out beautifully.

3.  Let paint dry.  (If you use oil pastels, spray your artwork with fixative.)  Then, add glitter!

Here's Chuck's artwork: 
kids' watercolor and crayon resist artwork

And of course, I was painting right alongside him...
watercolor and crayon resist artwork

4.  Cut out a rectangle from your artwork.  Fold that rectangle in half.  Make sure your stapler can staple right over the fold.

easy way to create a notebook

5.  Then, cut out identical rectangles of paper (slightly smaller than your initial rectangle) from your old notebook or lined paper. Fold those sheets in half.  Place them inside of your larger rectangle.  Staple the lined paper and cover together.  Optional:  Cut curves in the corners of your notebook.

Tada!  Now you've got some beautiful handmade notebooks, showcasing your child's artwork.

create watercolor and crayon resist notebooks

Beautiful, personal, and practical- yup, this is my kind of craft.

Now if you like the idea of turning children's artwork into gifts, check out these things that Chuck and I made together:

Until next time, happy crafting, friends!