Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easy Melted Crayon Art

Your kid is sick.  You're stuck at home. What to do?  How do you keep him entertained?  Well, a couple of days ago we were in this exact situation.  So I grabbed some materials from our apartment and melted crayons with Chuck.  He really enjoyed using the hair dryer and seeing the colors run.  (I enjoyed seeing him happy.)

 Let's Make Melted Crayon Art!

Make melted crayon art
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To make melted crayon art, we first covered our work area and peeled and broke our crayons.  (We broke our pieces pretty small, but I think larger pieces would have been better.  As the crayons melted, the smaller pieces detached from our cereal boxes and rolled around.)

peel wrappers off of crayons

Then, I cut up a cereal box and hot glued crayons onto it.  Then, we taped it into a disposable baking pan and turned on the hair dryer.  (The pan prevented the melted crayons from staining our work area.)

use a blow dryer to melt crayons

Chuck really enjoyed this part.

use a hair dresser to melt the crayons

Gosh.  Aren't the colors so lovely?

melted crayon artwork

easy melted crayon art for kids

I loved this project because it required very minimal materials and Chuck LOVED watching the crayons sputter and melt. 


Looking for other cool crayon projects?  

Happy crafting!


  1. Wow. You know I love me some colors. I really enjoyed this one...
    you know, I bet these blog posts could double as a book someday if you were thinking that direction. i would love to leaf through a hard copy of all these fun projects for future use.

    1. Thanks Julie. I'm glad you liked the post. *Happy sigh* That would be a lovely dream....

  2. Gorgeous! It seems interesting. Love to see the painting on the wall.


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