Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make Tortilla Art!

The other day I was staring at some leftover tortillas and a thought suddenly dawned on me.  These lovely flat circles would make great canvases.  So Chuck and I pulled out a couple of items from our kitchen and began painting some colorful edible art!    

Edible Art:  Let's Paint Tortillas!

make tortilla artwork

Materials Needed to Make Tortilla Art

materials to paint tortillas

We each got a corn tortilla, spoon, straw, toothpicks and a lettuce "paintbrush."  (I ripped a lettuce leaf into strands, placed them in a bundle, and tied them together with a rubber band.)

To create the paint, I just placed a couple drops of food coloring mixed with water into the wells of a mini muffin tin.  (This muffin tin is the one I usually use for crafts.  So we couldn't eat these tortillas.  But if you want to make everything food safe and edible, you could always use ice-cube trays!)

Invitation to Create- Let's Make Tortilla Art!

let's make tortilla artwork

Then Chuck and I just began playing around with the materials. At first he kept poking holes into his tortilla, but once he saw me painting he jumped in too!   I think we spent about 30 minutes sitting down and just playing around with the materials. 

Here is some of our edible tortilla artwork!

making art with tortillas

let's make tortilla ar

Two ways to extend this activity:

Ooh.  And here are some ways you can extend this activity:
  1. Try some "butter resist" work.  We didn't try this, but I wonder if spreading butter on bits of the tortilla would prevent the food coloring from seeping through?  Hrmm....  
  2. Wouldn't this be a cute lunch idea for dad for Father's day?  Paint some artwork or "I love dad" on the tortillas and then make turn them into a delicious quesedilla lunch for dad.

And... if you thought this project was fun here are some other ways you can play around with food!

Happy painting!