Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Paper Plate Crafts

It just hit me this morning that July 4th is next week.  Next week. Summer is just flying by!  Ahhhh!  So I feel the need to do some summer crafts and that's why I made these super easy paper plate crafts.  I dunno about you, but when I imagine summer, I see outdoor picnics, grill outs, and beach adventures.  These activities usually involve disposable paper plates... which are such a great item to craft with because they're super cheap and super versatile.

Fun Summer Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Easy Summer Paper Plate Kids' Crafts (Mask, Watermelon + Doughnut Purse)

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So these are my summer inspired paper plate crafts.  They're super easy to make, colorful, quirky, and just scream SUMMER FUN!

Materials Needed to Make Summer Paper Plate Crafts

Let's Make a Vintage Swimmer Paper Plate Mask!

Way back in elementary school we had to wear swimming caps when we went to the public pool.  I hated it because my cap made me look like a strange bald egg.   Now that I'm older, I still don't like the idea of wearing swim caps... but I really dig the way that those cool, retro, vintage swimming caps look.  The colors!  The flowers!  Ooh la la.  They are seriously adorable.  So that's why I made a DIY vintage swimmer paper plate mask.    

Kids' Paper Plate Mask- Vintage Swimmer

To make the mask, I simply cut out two holes for the eyes.  Then I painted a face on the front of the paper plate and cut out some flowers from construction paper.  Then I glued on the flowers and taped on a  jumbo popsicle stick to the back of the paper plate.

Make a Paper Plate Mask with Kids (Vintage Swimmer)

Tada!  I've secretly named the mask Lola and wear her around to make Chuck laugh.  He thinks that she is hilarious looking.  I have no idea why. 

Paper Plate Mask Kids' Craft- Vintage Swimmer!
Ack!  Scared ya, didn't I?

Now Let's Make Some Food Purses!

When I saw Mer Mag's super cute DIY Bunny Plate Purse awhile back I wished for an instant that Chuck was a girl... just so I could make a little purse for him.   (Bad, right?)  With July 4th around the corner, I made these DIY food plate purses... because I love the image of little girls eating at picnics and grill outs... in cute outfits... carrying around some super cute (and yummy) DIY purses.

Paper Plate Kids' Craft- Doughnut and Watermelon Purses

You need 2 paper plates for each purse.  Here are the ways that I cut out both plates to make each purse:

How to Make Doughnut and Watermelon Paper Plate Purses

After cutting the paper plates, I placed them one on top of the other and used a hole punch to punch matching sets of holes in each plate.   Then, I painted the plates to look like a watermelon and doughnut. Once the paint dried, I stapled the plates together and used some yarn to make a little strap.  (I also placed some tape on the ends of the yarn to help it slide through the tiny holes.)

Tada!  And now I have two DIY Food Paper Plate Purses:
(which I will probably give away to some of the little girls in our play group... or wear out myself... )

Watermelon Paper Plate Purse Kids' Craft

Paper Plate Kids' Craft- Doughnut Purse

Ack.  So cute. 

Paper Plate Watermelon and Doughnut Purses (Kids' Craft!)

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Happy making, friends!