Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cardboard and Pom Pom Soccer Game

Are you watching the World Cup?  Hubby's been keeping track of the games, but Chuck and I haven't been paying too much attention to the scores.  However, because it's soccer season, I still felt inspired to make something soccer-related.  So that's why I crafted this mini cardboard and pom pom soccer game for us to play.

Cardboard and Pom Pom Soccer Game

make a cardboard and pom pom soccer game
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This DIY cardboard game was super easy and fun to make and play.  Here's how I put everything together...

Let's Make a Cardboard and Pom Pom Soccer game!

how to make a cardboard pom pom soccer game

1.  I cut out a large rectangle from a nice piece of cardboard.  (If you have larger pieces lying around, I definitely recommend using those.  We made our game a bit too small for it to be really challenging.)

2.  Then, I cut out four thin, rectangular pieces of cardboard.  They were all the same width, and their lengths roughly matched the sides of the larger rectangle.  ( To ensure that all your pieces fit, stand them upright before painting to to make sure they all fit on the board.  I ended up trimming quite a bit off of my two shorter pieces so they would sit snuggly between the two longer rectangular pieces.)

3.  I cut out two goalie holes from the two shorter pieces of cardboard.

4.  I used craft paint to paint all the pieces.  Once my paint dried, I used a sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to my pieces.  This was REALLY IMPORTANT because it protected my paint job from spit.  (Straws = a lot of spit)

5.  I hot glued on my side pieces.

6.   I made a tiny soccer ball by using a Sharpie marker to draw dots onto a white pom pom.  Then we grabbed some straws and began blowing our little pom pom ball around.

(To make things interesting, we even added some goalies.)

how to make a cardboard and pom pom soccer game

There you have it.  Hopefully your kids will have fun making and playing this cardboard and pom pom soccer game as they watch the World Cup on television.

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Happy making, friends!