Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 DIY Cardboard Fourth of July Hats!

Fourth of July is in a couple of days.  Now if you're like me, you probably just realized that fact just this week.  (Oh wait... am I the only one is in a perpetual time warp and constantly forgets what day it is?)  This year we plan on seeing fireworks with Chuck and I thought it would be fun to whip up some cute Fourth of July Cardboard Hats for us to wear.  Can you believe that these 2 hats were made from cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, and corrugated cardboard?

2 Easy DIY Fourth of July Hats!

Make 2 cardboard Fourth of July Hats with the kids!

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Let's Make Fourth of July Hats!

This first hat is SUPER EASY to make.  It's my flat Fourth of July Hat.

Make a flat cardboard Fourth of July Hat with Kids

To make this hat, you simply:

1.  Doodle an image of a hat on a piece of paper.  Then, cut it out.

2.  Trace your hat onto a nice, clean piece of corrugated cardboard. Make sure that the corrugated "holes" of your cardboard run up and down the hat.  This means that the bottom of your hat should have lots holes.  We're going to need those holes on the bottom of your hat to stick pipe cleaners through.  (See step 4.)   Again, cut out your hat shape. (I just used scissors.)

How to put together a DIY Cardboard Fourth of July Hat

3.  Paint both sides of your hat.  (I just used craft paint.)

4. Grab a pipe cleaner (preferably the same color as your hair) and cut it in half.  Then, stick both pipe cleaners into the holes on the bottom of your hat.

stick pipe cleaners into your cardboard Fourth of July Hat bottom

5.  Use those pipe cleaners to secure the hat onto your headband and you're done!

The 2nd headband hat is also SUPER EASY to make. It's a cardboard toilet roll Fourth of July hat!

DIY cardboard toilet roll Fourth of July Hat

To make this hat, you simply:

1.  Take a toilet paper roll and cut it to your desired length.

2.  Trace the toilet roll onto a cereal box to create the top for your hat.  Cut that circle out.  (Note:  I cut my circle slightly larger then the traced one.  Then I was able to trim it down later.)

3.  Trace out a larger circle to be the brim of your hat.  Cut that larger circle out.

4.  Paint your hat pieces!

Cut out the cardboard pieces for hat

5.  Hot glue your painted hat pieces together.

6.  Trim off any excess from the top circle as needed.

7.  Cut out two pieces of pipe cleaner.  Then, hot glue your pipe cleaners onto the bottom of your hat.  To ensure that your pipe cleaners stay on your hat, glue on two small strips of felt over your pipe cleaner.

Add pipe cleaners to the bottom of your cardboard roll hat

8.  Twist the pipe cleaner onto your headband and then you're done.

And now you've got yourself  some lovely little hats to wear this July 4th.

2 DIY Cardboard Fourth of July Hats

Hopefully you'll have fun trying these out at home.  And if you're interested in more patriotic crafts, check out the ones below!

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Happy making, friends!