Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shaving Cream and Water Balloon Play

Since becoming involved with the Kid Blogger Network earlier this year, I've been introduced to a ton of wonderful new blogs and this new idea called "an invitation to play."  Basically, you provide the child with several objects and inviting him/her to explore the materials.  I love this idea because there isn't a pressure for kids to perform.  They get the opportunity to be curious, explore, play, and have fun.  So, after seeing this shaving cream activity on the Hands on as we grow blog, Chuck and I tried our own shaving cream play... but with an added twist... water balloons!  

Let's Play with Shaving Cream and Water Balloons!

Let's play with shaving cream and water balloons:  Make cupcakes, ice cream, and facial hair

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If your kid likes messy play, baked goods, and facial hair, then this is the activity for you!  Let's get playing!

Materials Needed 

Materials needed to create invitation to play with shaving cream and water balloons

  • White Shaving Cream
  • Bowls
  • Sprinkles
  • Water Balloons
  • Straws (Cut to little pieces)
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Food Container Plastic Lid with face drawn on it (I used this kind of marker)
  • Something to cover the ground with (We always just use this)
  • Not shown:  Large plastic bin (We used something like this and  put everything inside  to help contain the mess.  It's also used as our makeshift sensory bin and water table.)

Let's Play with Shaving Cream and Water Balloons!

If possible, I'd recommend you do this activity outside.  (It just makes clean up a lot easier.)   But, the weather's been a bit temperamental lately, so we did our activity inside.  I just made sure to cover the floor with this for easy cleanup.

Invitation to Play with Shaving Cream

Then we got to playing. Chuck loved squirting out the white shaving cream and playing with the water balloons.  Then, after we iced some water balloon "cupcakes," he REALLY loved pouring on the sprinkles. (Hee hee.  Even after sweeping the floor we're still finding sprinkles in different corners of his room.)

Water balloon cupcakes, anyone? 

Water balloon and shaving cream cupcakes

Then I asked him if he wanted to give the man some shaving cream hair.  He really enjoyed putting shaving cream ALL OVER the man's face. (This photo below shows my attempt when Chuck moved on to something else.)

Hee hee... apparently I love men with beards and uni-brows...

Shaving Cream Facial Hair

And then of course, we had to make some shaving cream ice cream too.

Hmm, I strangely find myself salivating when I look at this photo... 

shaving cream ice cream

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Happy playing, friends!