Sunday, July 13, 2014

DIY Felt Shape Activity

Are you looking for a fun, open-ended, creative activity to do with the kids?  Then this DIY Felt Shape Activity is right up your alley!  It's easy to make and provides kids with countless opportunities to be creative, use their imaginations, visualize things spatially, and practice using their mathematical language!    

DIY Felt Shape Activity

DIY Felt Shape Activity:  Use different shapes to create scenes!

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Materials Needed  

  • Felt Board (To get directions on making a DIY Felt Board, click here)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Felt

Let's make a DIY Felt Shape Activity!

cut out paper shapes

1.  Doodle some shapes onto paper.  Then, cut them out.  (I tried hard to include different shapes like triangles, circles, half circles, quarters of circles,  rectangles, and squares. )

cut out various felt shapes

2.  Trace your paper shapes onto felt and then cut out the shapes.  (I never use regular paper scissors to cut felt.  To get clean, straight lines, I always use scissors like these.)

3.  Then, have a blast playing around and making different scenes on your felt board (for directions on how to make one, click here.)

DIY Felt Shape Activity Cat

Currently Chuck loves it when I tell him stories, so we've been using the shapes to create scenes for stories and different play scenarios.  He has a tough time seeing how shapes can go together to create different objects.  So I definitely help him out with the building.  I'm hoping that in time he will start making lovely scenes of his own.

Who would have thought that a bunch of different shapes could stir up such imaginative play?  (Honestly, I was surprised by how fun this activity ended up being.)

make a fun DIY Felt Shape activity

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Happy Crafting!