Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Ghost Splat Painting

I'm always looking for new and fun ways to paint with Chuck.  Thus far, we've painted with flowerspainted with carsmade homemade body paintmade tortilla artscrape painted, and even made corn syrup paint.   So I was excited when a kids' art teacher recently introduced us to splat painting!  It was such a fun activity that Chuck and I tried a Halloween version at home.

Halloween Ghost Splat Painting!

Make Halloween Ghost Splat Painting

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This week's Creative Preschool theme is Halloween.  So we splat painted these ghosts!  Keep reading to see how we painted the ghosts AND check out the bottom of the post to see 4 other really fun Halloween activities!

Let's do some splat painting!

put on contact paper ghosts

1.  Cut out ghosts from contact paper.  Peel them off and stick them onto a stiff piece of paper.  (We always just use this kind of paper.)   (Note:  Maybe I have clumsy fingers, but I find it SUPER HARD to peel off contact paper backing.  So if your child isn't patient, you might want to peel these off and have them ready before starting the activity.)

2.  Cut off the feet from your stockings.  Fill them with corn kernels and tie them up.  Now you've got a splat painting brush!

Get ready to do some splat painting

3.  Cover your work area.   (We always just use this because it's super cheap and durable.)

4.  Pour your paint onto a paper plate and then go at it!

Splat! Splat! Splat!

Splat painting with stockings

The corn kernels give the paint such a cool texture!  Plus, what kid doesn't love whacking things!

make a splat painting

peel off contact paper ghosts

5.  Once everything dries, peel off your ghosts.  (This was probably Chuck's favorite part.)

Draw eyes onto your ghost splat painting

6.  Grab some markers and add cute faces!  

Chuck's 3 and he really liked the activity.  But I bet it would be a really fun one to do with younger kids too.  (And if you're looking for other super easy fall crafts to do with little ones, check out these two super easy fall Toddler crafts and these recycled milk jug pumpkins sun catchers.)

And now, let the Halloween activities continue!

Here are 4 more great Halloween activities from the other Creative Preschool Collaborators!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, I want to do splat painting. I could never be sad if I lived in your house.

  2. My 3 year olds are going to love splat painting. I have 6 little 3 year olds in my daycare and keeping them busy keeps me busy. This is perfect. Thanks

    1. :) I'm so glad you liked this craft! Thanks for visiting Miss Judy!

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