Friday, December 19, 2014

Paper Plate Haircuts (Scissor Practice with Kids!)

Does your child have a fascination with scissors?  If left alone, Chuck would probably take a pair of scissors to everything.   Clothes, hair, yarn, paper, wood.... the Christmas tree.  (I've caught him on multiple occasions trying to cut our table.  Eeek! )

Today I've teamed up with the Creative Preschooler Team to share 5 fun ways to sharpen your preschoolers' scissor skills!  (Hee, hee.  Did you get it? Sharpen?  Wah wah wah.)

Scissor Practice:  Paper Plate Haircuts 

Awhile back I shared  6 easy ways to entertain a toddler at home.  One of the ways was giving your child a pair of scissors and letting them cut out yarn to make hair.

Well, Chuck's 3 now...and he still enjoys the idea of cutting hair.  This time I thought he could use his scissors to cut hairstyles for different clients.  (Paper plate clients, that is!)

First I doodled some faces onto paper plates.

Then, I explained to Chuck that he was going to be a barber/hair stylist and give these people different haircuts.   I told him  he could cut however he liked, but he should not cut their faces or clothes.  Left with that fairly open-ended prompt, he just got to work.

He's just recently started to use both hands to simultaneously maneuver and cut items.  So this activity was really great for building those skills.

Once my little barber finished cutting his "hairstyle," I doodled on details for hair.   And then we colored them in!

Chuck liked seeing me doodle, so he doodled this older chap's hairdo! 

(I joined in the fun too and cut out the punk rocker's hair.)

We really loved this craft because it was easy and fun.  Plus, it seems like we always have a ton of extra paper plates lying around.  (You too?  Then you might like these paper plate craft ideas:  paper plate tambourine , paper plate toucan , and paper plate purses!)

Here are 4 other easy and fun ways to sharpen your kids' scissor skills!  

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