Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Toy Car Ornaments

We have a TON of toy cars, trains, and trucks over here.  (Chuck's kinda got a thing for transportation toys.)  And lots of them have open windows.  I was staring at them the other day and realized... wouldn't they make fun (and cheap) ornaments?

DIY Car Ornaments

Easy DIY toy Car Ornaments- Turn toy cars into ornaments

So I cut a bunch of silver thread, and tied loops through the cars, trains, and trucks' windows.

Easy DIY toy Car Ornaments

And bam!  Instant cute ornaments for the tree!

Make Easy DIY Toy Car Ornaments

Whoa.  Super simple.  (Just how I like my crafts!) You know what the best part about this craft is?  Your kid can play with the toys again once Christmas is over!  (Or, wouldn't this be a fun way to "wrap" Christmas cars?)

Have fun searching for toys to turn into ornaments!

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