Friday, December 26, 2014

Make a set of Shark Teeth!

Lately Chuck's wanted to make cardboard toys that move and do things!  That's fine with me, because I really enjoyed making moveable snakesrocket launcherspaper slingshots, and climbing cardboard circus men with him.  Currently he's OBSESSED with sharks.  So I came up with this quick and easy egg carton shark craft.

  Make a set of Sharp Shark* Teeth!

(*or alligator... or crocodile... or dinosaur... etc.. etc..)
make shark, dinosaur, alligator, or crocodile teeth from an egg carton
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make egg carton teeth- fun kids craft!

To make this craft, simply cut the lid off of an egg carton (the non-bumpy half).  Then, cut that in half. Then, cut out the top bit, so you're just left with the sides.  Then, cut out your sharp, sharp teeth.  Then, attach both halves together with paper fasteners!  And you're done! 

(It kinda looks like a set of dentures for a dinosaur, huh?)

egg carton shark/alligator/dinosaur teeth- fun kids craft!

Hrmm... now it looks like a bear trap.  Oh well.  You get the idea!

make shark/alligator/dinosaur teeth from egg cartons

Chomp chomp! 

make egg carton teeth- kids craft

My, what big teeth you have, Chuck!

make alligator/shark/dragon/dinosaur teeth

Hope you have fun trying this out with your kids!  And if you'd like to make crafts with the rest of your egg carton, check out these 3 egg carton crafts below!

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