Monday, March 16, 2015

How to make Colorful Swing Streamers

Have you ever wanted to find the end of a rainbow?  As a child, I believed in fairies and magic and would always try to find the pot of gold.  While I know now that such a dream is impossible, I still wanted to bring some colorful St. Patrick's day magic to Chuck.  So I created these lovely colorful swing streamers for him to use at the park!

Colorful Swing Streamers

how to make colorful swing streamers with kids
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This craft is perfect for using up any extra tissue paper you might have lying around.  (And if you like tissue paper crafts, check out these easy tissue paper art and cherry blossom tissue paper flower crafts!)

Here's how I made these colorful swing streamers!

how to make colorful swing streamers with kids

1.  I cut out 3 equally sized pieces of duct tape using an exacto knife and a cutting mat.
2.  Then, I created a sheet of duct tape by sticking them together, making sure to keep the sticky side facing up.
3.  Then, I stuck two pipe cleaners to both sides of my duct tape sheet.
4. Then, I cut similarly sized strips of tissue paper and ribbon and stuck them onto the duct tape.
5.  Then, I covered the sticky duct tape sheet with 3 strips of duct tape.  I also used a pair of scissors to cut out a scalloped edge (to make it look more like a cloud.)

Then, I tied on my colorful streamer "rainbow" onto the swing!   Tada!  Now Chuck was able to swing under his very own rainbow.  How magical!

boy playing with swing streamers

After Chuck rode on his swing for a bit, another boy at the park also asked for a turn on the rainbow swing. :)

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