Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to make Woven Easter Baskets

Easter is tomorrow! And if you're looking for a super easy and cute kids Easter craft.... this is it!  Check out these woven Easter Baskets! 

How to make Woven Easter Baskets

how to make woven baskets- perfect Easter craft to do with the kids
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A friend left her strawberry baskets at our place the other day.  I kept meaning to return them to her, but never got a chance.  Oops.  So they just kept staring at me this past week... whispering, "Craft with me, craft with me."  Well, of course I had to obey their siren calls.

With all their open holes, I knew they would be perfect to practice weaving on!

(By the way- we've done so many weaving crafts over here that this was a nice one to add to the collection:

First, I gathered different types of ribbon and some colorful pipe cleaners.

(Note:  The pom pom ribbon was so cute, but kind of a pain to use.  The pom poms were huge and hard to weave through the holes.  The silky and sequin ribbons were the easiest to use!)

ribbon to make woven Easter baskets

Once we cut out our pieces of ribbon, we got weaving!  (Chuck wove through 4-5 openings and then got bored with the craft.  So I would recommend this for older kids.)

how to weave Easter Baskets with kids

When you're done with one ribbon and about to start another, you can tape down the end of the ribbon or just tie the new one on.

how to make woven Easter baskets

Once you're done weaving a basket, add on pipe cleaners to create colorful handles.    Tada! Easter baskets made from scrap ribbon, old berry baskets, and pipe cleaners!

how to weave Easter Baskets with kids

Hee hee.  I'm thinking of returning the baskets to my friend like this.  I think she and her daughter would like the surprise.  What do you think?

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Happy creating, friends!

how to make woven Easter baskets with kids