Friday, April 3, 2015

Painted Tin Can Succulent Pots

Spring has sprung!  Are you enjoying all the lovely blooms popping up around your neighborhood? In honor of Spring, today's Creative Preschool theme is.... plants!  So I wanted to share how we painted and repotted these tin can succulents.

Because this is part of the Preschool Collaborators Series, there are links at the bottom of the post to 4 other bloggers' great ideas for teaching preschoolers about flowers and plants!  (So scroll down to the bottom of the post to check those out!)

How to Repot Succulents in Painted Tin Cans 

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Here's how we painted our pots:

First, I washed and dried the tin cans, removing the labels.

Then, once the tin cans were dried, I placed a piece of masking tape over the tin can.  Then, I set out some craft paints and invited Chuck to paint the tin cans with me.   He painted a little, but wasn't so keen on doing the activity, so I ended up painting the majority of the design.  Once the paint dried, I ripped off the masking tape to reveal a nice, neat line.

Note:  Craft paint sticks on just fine onto the cans.  But I could definitely scratch it off if I scratched at the can.  Just FYI, we've had these cans sitting on our windowsill for over a month and the paint still looks good.
Then, I drilled 3-4 holes in the bottom of each can.

Here's how we repotted our succulents:

I've already mentioned this countless times, but I definitely have a black thumb.   That's why we typically make plant and flower crafts like these:  (They don't require taking care of real plants!)

But this time, we tried something different.  We bought real succulents from our local hardware store.  Then, we mixed coffee grounds, sand, and dirt according to these directions showing how to repot succulents.

Chuck had SO MUCH FUN with this part of the activity.  He ended up playing with the dirt for well over half an hour!

And once we were done, we had succulents in one-of-a-kind planters.

Wouldn't these made great gifts to give friends and relatives?  

I'm glad to say that we've had these plants for about a month now, and hooray!  They're still living! Yes! Finally- a plant hardy enough to stand up against my black thumb!

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