Friday, April 17, 2015

Tape Resist Ant Art!

Are you going buggy over spring?  Well, then today the preschool collaborators and I have 5 preschool bug activities that you'll absolutely love.  We've been digging ants lately, so I thought it would be fun to combine art and science to make some tape resist ant art!  

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Tape Resist Ant Art!

Tape Resist Ant Art- Great way to combine science and art by learning about ants and then making artwork about their tunnels!
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I came up with this idea because Chuck was infatuated with ant farms at our local natural history museum.  (Have you ever seen them? It's so cool seeing all the little ants scurrying around.)  By the way, have you checked out these casts of fire ant molds?  They are uber cool (and slightly icky when I imagine all those ants swarming around.   *Shivers.* )

Here's how we made our tape resist art.  

First we looked at photos of ant tunnels and drooled over ant farms.

Then, we placed pieces of masking tape onto watercolor paper to represent the ant tunnels.  (I find that masking tape often rips my paper when removed, so we first stuck and unstuck the tape against our clothes.  That helped to lessen the adhesion.)

Then, we painted over everything with tempera paint and let it dry.  (We don't own brown tempera paint, so we just mixed two complementary colors- red and green to make brown!)

boy pulling off tape to create ant art

Once everything dried, we peeled off the tape to reveal the tunnels!  It felt like magic!

Do you own ant stamps?  Well then it's time to pull them out.  We don't, so I just quickly made my own stamps from wine corks.

make an ant stamp

As you can see, I didn't include any legs.  They were too hard to cut out!

up close shot of a ant cork stamp

And then my son just stamped away, filling his tunnels with lots and lots of ants.  (I added in the legs and antenna.)

Easy kid science and art activity- learn about ant tunnels and then make art to represent them

That's it!  You've got yourself a really fun science and art ant activity to do with the kids!  And while you're at it... why not do a whole ant study!  You can make this ant art, whip up these egg carton ants,  read any of these ant books , and then watch the Antz movie!  Ants up the wazoo.  Done.

And as promised, here are 4 other fun preschool bug activities!  

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