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How to Make Tissue Paper flowers

Are you looking to create gorgeous, realistic tissue paper flowers with the kids?  Then this is the tutorial for you!  These flowers are beautiful and super easy to make.  Just grab a bunch of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors and you're all set to make a colorful bouquet for someone special!

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

How to make beautiful 2 color tissue paper flowers! Super easy and beautiful results. Great for kids to make and give to someone special in their lives!
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I really love this craft because we transform simple and affordable materials into something really magical! Here are the materials that you'll need:  

materials needed to make 2 color tissue paper flowers

Now let's fold some flowers!
cut paper to make two color tissue paper flowers

You'll need 4 sheets of tissue paper to make each flower:  2 large sheets (same size) and 2 small sheets (same size, about half the width of the larger sheets.)

I loved making large flowers.  So I made my large sheets roughly half the size of the tissue paper in the package. I did this because the paper was already nicely folded that way.  My 2 large sheets were approximately 12"x 20" and my 2 small sheets were approximately 6"x 20".


  • These sizes are arbitrary. You can adjust your sizes accordingly.  Just make your smaller sheets about half the width of the larger ones to get really dramatic differences between the petals and the centers.
  • Your sheets of paper don't have to be the same colors!  I chose black and yellow to look like black-eyed susans.  But you could also choose 2 large sheets of red, 1 small white, and 1 small black to look like poppies.  The sky is the limit!

how to accordion fold tissue paper to make two color tissue paper flowers

Lay your small sheet rights on top and in the middle your large sheets.  Accordion fold the sheets together, making sure to keep the small sheets in the middle.   (I made my folds about 1 inch.)

This is what it looks like when you're done!

finished accordion fold to make tissue paper flowers

fold tissue paper to make gorgeous tissue paper flowers

Now fold your petals in half  This will help us find and mark the center.

twist a pipe cleaner to the back of your tissue paper flowers

Open it up and round off the corners.  (You could also make points if you want.)  Then, twist a pipe cleaner in the middle of your petals to hold them in place.


  • Make sure your pipe cleaner is in the  center.  Otherwise you'll get some wonky, unbalanced flowers.
  • Make sure the stem is twisted AWAY from where the small tissue paper is seen.  (When we open up the petals, you want the stem away from the flower.)
  • I obviously did not place my black sheets in the center before folding.  Oops! Don't make my mistake!

Pull apart tissue paper to create lovely two color tissue paper flowers

Now, gently pull apart your tissue paper sheets, starting from the smaller sheets and working to the larger sheets.  (Watch and be amazed by the magic!)

how to make gorgeous, easy, two color tissue paper flowers

Do this to both sides.  When you're done, fluff your petals a bit.  There.  Now you've got a gorgeous tissue paper flower.  :)

Once you make one, you'll be tempted to make a whole bunch.  I loved playing around with the sizes and color combinations!  Aren't the results fabulous?

how to fold beautiful multi-color, realistic tissue paper flowers the super easy way

I hope you have fun making these with your kids!  And if you love flower crafts, then definitely check out the dozens of flower crafts on the blog!

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Happy making, friends!

super easy way to make gorgeous tissue paper flowers with kids!