Monday, May 11, 2015

Calder-Inspired Sculptures (and our 20+ favorite art books!)

As a child I really loved Alexander Calder's sculptures.  Whimsical and colorful, they let me see that art can be fun too!  Today I'm sharing a really simple paper sculpture project inspired by Calder's large scale metal ones.  They take only minutes to whip up and certainly would also make for fun scissor practice with younger kids as well!

Kids Calder-Inspired Art Sculptures  

Easy Kids art idea- Make Calder-inspired paper sculptures!
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In case you're looking for some great art books to go along with this activity, here are...

Our current 20+ favorite art books:

I shot a video generally showing how to make one of these sculptures.

Calder-Inspired Paper Sculptures from Pink Stripey Socks on Vimeo.

But in case you like to read directions, here they are!

Kids art idea- Make Calder-Inspired Paper Sculptures!

1.  Cut out a rectangular piece of paper.   I used construction paper, which stood up fine at home, but fell down with any bit of wind.  If you want to make these sturdier, use cardstock (Optional:  Decorate it with markers!)

2.  Fold it in half.

3.  Make cuts like pictured.  Cut lines and curves until they almost reach the fold.

4.  Optional, decorate with groovy circle stickerrs.

5.  Open it up and fold the strips to the front or back in an alternating fashion.  (This will help the sculpture to balance.)  So on the left side you would fold the strips (starting from the top) front, back, front, back, and front.  And on the right side you would fold the strips (starting from the top)  back, front, back, front, and back.

Once you get the basic design down, you can play around with your cutting ... like I did below!

Easy kids art project- how to cut Calder-inspired sculptures

It's really neat seeing all of these guys standing up!
Easy Kids art idea- Calder-inspired paper sculptures

They're kinda addictive to make... and I hope you try making them with your kids too! 

Calder-inspired sculptures- kids art project

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Easy Kids art project- Make Calder-Inspired paper sculptures