Friday, June 26, 2015

Make Your Own "Exploding" Chocolate Candy

I'm not a candy eater.  But for today's post... I made an exception.  Today is Friday, which means that it's a  Kids STEAM Activity day!  In honor of the fourth of July, we made some chocolate candy that explodes and pops in your mouth!

Yup. You read that right.  While eating these exploding chocolate treats, you'll definitely feel tiny fourth of July fireworks popping in your mouth.  Curious?  Read on!

How to Make "Exploding" Chocolate Candy!

Make Your own Exploding Candy- Super easy and fun recipe where chocolate "explodes" in your mouth!
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Materials needed:

Ingredients to make your own exploding, popping chocolate candy

Let's Make some Exploding Chocolate  Candy!

We made 2 kinds of exploding chocolate treats.  First, we made just plain explosive chocolates.  (Hmmm.. that sounds kind of funny when I write it that way.  Oh well!)

How to make your own exploding chocolate candy that pops in your mouth

Grab a silicone candy mold and fill the bottom with  Pop Rocks Candy.

how to make your own exploding chocolate candy

Then, melt your meltable candy according to the directions on the bag.  (I usually melt them 30 sec in the microwave, then stir, then melt them again for 30 seconds. They're usually ready by then.)  Then, take a tiny spoon and pour your chocolate into your molds.  Wipe off any excess bits.

Place your molds into the freezer until they harden!  Then pull them out.

To make the exploding chocolate covered strawberries, simply dip clean, dry strawberries into your melted chocolate.  Then, sprinkle on the Pop Rocks flavor of your choice.  Again, pop it into the fridge for it to quickly harden.  (If you want them to look beautiful, put them on parchment paper. We didn't care so much, so we just laid them to harden on a plate. A bit of chocolate stuck to the plate when we removed them.)

chocolate covered "exploding" strawberries

It only takes a couple of moments for both exploding chocolate treats to harden. And when you're done, you've got some fun, fizzing, treats.

Make them with the kids... or don't.  I think it's be pretty neat to surprise them.  Don't let them know what's sprinkled outside.  They'll certainly be in for a fun, popping surprise!

how to make "exploding" popping chocolate candy with kids

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