Monday, September 7, 2015

Colorful Fairytale Cardboard Castles

The castle and dragon craze continues at our house!  Last week we made some lovely paper plate dragons.  Did you check them out?  Then, we painted some castles that were built from scraps of paper and cardboard.  This was a perfect play date craft because the castles were easy to assemble and both the kids (and moms) had fun painting them!

Cardboard Roll Castles

how to make and paint cardboard castles with kids- cardboard rolls and cereal boxes used, no glue required!

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To create these castles, you’ll need:

  •  3 Cardboard Toilet Rolls
  • 1 Long Cardboard Paper Towel Roll
  • Cereal Box
  •  Scissors
  • tempera paint
  • Paint Brushes

(By the way, did you notice that glue was NOT on the list?  Yup!  These castles were assembled simply with slits and folds.  Pretty neat, right?)

To create a castle....

cut out castle towers from cardboard rolls

Step 1:
Cut out the ridges on top of your 2 toilet paper rolls.  Then, cut a slit ½ way through the bottom.  (This will attach the castle walls.)

how to create a castle wall

Step 2:
Now let's create a wall.  Cut out a rectangular piece of cereal box cardboard. 

fold your cardboard to create a castle wall

Step 3:
Fold it in half.  Then, cut out 2 slits on each side (from the top folded side) ½ way down.  Cut out a door from the bottom (open) side.

attach your cardboard roll tower to your cardboard wall

Step 4:
Attach your tower to your wall by sliding the toilet roll onto your wall.  Repeat the same with thing with the other tower.

create an asymmetric cardboard roll tower for your castle

Step 5:
Then, create the assymetric tower in the back!   Cut out ridges in your tall paper towel roll.  Cut a toilet roll in half.  Cut out ridges from that too.  Then, cut out two slits in your small paper towel roll.  Slide it onto your large paper towel roll to attach it.

Step 6:
Create 2 extra castle walls by following steps 2 and 3 again.

attach your cardboard walls to your cardboard towers

Step 7: 
Cut out corresponding slits in your 2 toilet rolls and large cardboard paper towel roll.   Slits should go ½ way up the roll and the placement will determine where the walls will attach.

how to make a cardboard castle without glue!  use cardboard rolls and cereal boxes

Once you’ve made your castle, go ahead and decorate it however you’d like!  We just used tempera paint, but I’ll bet glitter or colorful washi tape  would look really pretty too.

really easy cardboard castles for kids to make and paint

These castles are great to make because they only require a few items.  If you have a couple of shoe boxes lying around, you could also make this beautiful  princess castles from shoeboxes!

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easy Cardboard Castles- make them with the kids on a playdate!