Thursday, September 17, 2015

Make Monster Sculptures with kids!

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for preschoolers?  

Why not set up a monster-making factory in your dining room?  Yup.  This fun art and craft activity is a great way for kids to be creative and gear up for the upcoming holidays.  (Hooray Halloween!  Woo-hoo!)

let's make monster sculptures with kids- easy and fun Halloween Fall Activity
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Living in Southern California, I have a tough time appreciating seasons.  I mean, we’re still in the 70s-80s here.  The leaves are green…. I'm still wearing shorts and sandals.  It just doesn’t quite feel like fall.  So this monster-making activity really helped us get into the fall spirit.

Making Monster Sculptures with Kids

setting up blow art activity

Step 1:
First, we created our monsters’ bodies.  I covered our dining room table and set up a simple blow art activity.  (By the way, bubble printing is a fun alternative!)  We used a dropper to drop liquid watercolors and food coloring onto sheets of watercolor paper. Then, we took our straws and blew some beautiful designs! 

liquid watercolor blow art - preschool art

(Note:  Looking back, I wish we had just used food coloring for this activity.  Initially my preschooler did a great job of blowing and not sucking up the paint.  Unfortunately by the end, he was getting too excited and accidentally sucked up liquid watercolors.   Ick. They’re nontoxic, but I still didn’t like seeing him with a blue mouth.  If I had just used food coloring, I think I would have worried less because they’re meant to be eaten.)

drawing and cutting out liquid watercolor blow art monsters

Step 2: 
Once the paint dried, we drew and cut out some monster bodies. 

decorate monster sculptures with preschool kids

Step 3: 
We decorated our monsters’ bodies!  I love giving kids an assortment of items to use.  A smorgasbord of items is always so inviting!

 We used googly eyes, pipe cleaners, (for arms- taped to the back of our monsters), beads (to decorate our arms), markers, yarn,  clothespins (for legs), and circle stickers.  I also made it a point to use glue sticks instead of white glue because I didn't want our lovely watercolors to smear.

Here's a shot of our busy, buzzing work station:

make monster sculptures with kids- easy and creative art project for preschoolers!

Once you’re done, set up your monster sculptures around your home and begin decorating for Halloween!

make monster sculptures with kids

I hope you have fun trying out this activity with your children too!  I love this activity because kids can use their imagination to turn random doodads into their very own monsters.   The skies the limit!

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make monster sculptures with preschoolers

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