Thursday, October 22, 2015

Easy and Colorful Paper Plate Snakes

Sometimes the easy and classic preschool crafts are the best.  Today I'm sharing a super easy paper plate craft for all reptile-loving kids.  We're crafting some beautiful paper plate snakes!

Watercolor Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snakes - Easy Preschool art and craft activity
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This weekend our preschool is holding its annual fall fundraiser.  We're serving all-you-can-eat pancakes (yum!), offering face painting, showing a whole bunch of reptiles, and making these fun paper plate snake crafts.  I made a couple with my son a couple of days ago just to try the craft out.  It was a complete hit!  So I'm excited to make them with other kids this Saturday.  

Here's what we did!

First, I cut out the snake shapes from paper plates.  (It was super simple swirl!)

boy using liquid watercolors to paint paper plate snakes

Then, we drew "secret designs" with white crayon.  (He loved doing this part.)  And then we painted them with these paints to reveal our secret snake designs.  (We love our liquid watercolors, but we also love using these really affordable watercolor cakes  too!)    Of course, we also added googly eyes too!

Easy and Colorful Paper Plate Snakes (Preschool art and craft project)

Once the paint dried, we added finishing touches with glitter glue.  (I bought a huge bottle of gold glitter glue from Michaels.  But you could also get glitter glue from Amazon too.)  My son really enjoyed smearing the sparkles everywhere with a paint brush.  (FYI- Glitter glue will smear your liquid watercolors.  But we didn't mind too much.  Also, glitter glue tends to muck up brushes. So, I have several brushes that are dedicated "glue brushes" so we don't ruin our nice watercolor ones.)

liquid watercolor snakes- easy preschool art idea

I think the kids on Saturday are going to have a blast making these snakes!

Paper Plate Snakes- Easy and beautiful Preschool art idea

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Easy and Colorful Paper Plate Snakes-  Fun and beautiful preschool art and craft idea