Friday, October 16, 2015

Spooky Monster Family Portraits

Today's art project is literally the easiest Halloween art activity ever.   (Really!) Continuing with our month long theme of Halloween Crafts,  I recently gave my son a fun art prompt- to draw a family portrait... with a twist!

Rawr!  Spooky Monster Family Portraits!

Spooky Monster Family Portraits- Easy Preschool Halloween Activity

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This was a great art project to try out with my 4 year old because he's currently really into Halloween AND he enjoys drawing pictures of our family.

By the way, if you're looking for some fun monster-themed books to go with this art project, here are some of our current favorites.

Our Current Favorite Monster Books:

Monster Family Portraits

To set up this art prompt, I first printed out photos of our family members.  We cut them out together and he glued them (using a Glue Stick) to a sheet of paper. 

Then, I gave him a bunch of markers and eyes  (you can use Googly Eyes or these fun Eye Stickers)  and challenged him to transform us into the spookiest monster family around.

Easy Halloween Art Project for Preschoolers - Spooky Monster Family Portraits

He went to town giving us crazy eyes, wings, claws, horns, and spikes.   I really enjoyed seeing his imagination at work!

Oh yeah, here's an up close shot of what he did to my photo.  
(Yup.  I'm pretty scary!) 

Spooky Monster Family Portraits- Preschool Halloween Art Idea

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Spooky Monster Family Portraits- Easy and Fun Preschool Halloween Activity