Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sparkly and Lacy Yarn Spider Webs

Looking for an unusual Halloween Craft that'll please kids of all ages?  My son and I recently made this sparkly and lacy yarn spider web craft together.  The results were really, really beautiful and the process was really unique!

Sparkly and Lacy Yarn Spider Webs

how to make sparkly and lacy yarn spider webs with kids
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I originally saw this idea for sparkly yarn spider webs from Scrumdilly-do!  She has a lot of really nice, easy crafts for kids, so definitely check her site out!

Materials Needed:

Here's what we used:

materials needed to make sparkly and lacy yarn spider webs

How to make sparkly and lacy yarn spider webs:

1.  Grab your yarn and cut out similar sized strands.  (I taped down a ruler and used a piece of tape to mark 6.")  Then, my son cut a ton of 6" strands.

2.  Tape down your freezer paper.

3.  Pour your Mod Podge into a disposable pie plate.  Dump your yarn into the pie plate and coat everything.

4.  Let's create your spider webs!  We created the intersecting "*" portion first, and then swirled on some extra pieces of yarn around it.  The yarn was placed on freezer paper so that it would be easier to peel off.

5.  Now let's make them sparkle!  We used glittersequins,  and glitter glue

boy peeling off yarn spider webs

6.  We made our spiderwebs at night and tried peeling them off the next morning.  Big mistake! The glue still wasn't dried.  Overall, it took about 12 hours for everything to dry.  Then, they just peeled right on off!

sparkly and lacy yarn spider web- a beautiful fall craft for kids

You can stick them directly to windows, or string them up as a garland!

How to do sparkly and yarn spider webs for a fun Halloween kid craft

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Sparkly and Lacy Yarn Spider Web craft for kids