Monday, November 9, 2015

Colorful Paper Plate Birds (And our favorite bird books!)

Today I'm sharing another beautiful and easy paper plate craft.   These paper plate birds are simply gorgeous.  They are also a great art and craft project to make with kids of all ages!

Paper Plate Bird Craft

Colorful Paper Plate Birds- Beautiful craft to make with children of all ages
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I hosted a play date with 5 other children this past summer and wanted to give them a small art activity to do.  The kids' ages ranged from 18 months - 4 years old, so the activity had to be simple to set up and easy for all the kids to do.

That's when I came up with these paper plate birds!  The kids really enjoyed painting them and the activity was so easy to set up the night before.  

Everyone took home their birds.  But we enjoyed the activity so much that we recently painted birds again as a family.  Here's how we made these lovely paper plate birds!

Let's Make some Paper Plate Birds!

First, I folded a paper plate in half.  I traced out half a bird shape.  Then, I folded the wings over and stapled the bottom of the bird closed.

Colorful Paper Plate Bird Craft to make with all kids!

Here's what the bird looked like when opened:
Paper plate bird craft- Beautiful art activity to do with kids of all ages

To get these super vibrant colors, we used our favorite liquid watercolors.  Prior to painting some of the birds, we also drew designs on them with yellow and white crayons.  These designs were "revealed" when we painted over the birds.

Preschool boy painting paper plate bird craft

My husband saw how much fun we were having that he had to join in too!  Here are some birds that he and I painted alongside our son.

Colorful Paper Plate Birds- A beautiful art and craft project for children of all ages

Our Favorite Kids Bird Picture Books

And if you're looking for some great bird picture books to go along with this project, here are some that we've enjoyed reading!  (And please let me know if you know of any other good bird books.  We're always looking for more!)

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Happy making, friends!

Colorful Paper Plate Birds- Beautiful art and craft project for kids of all ages!


  1. Lovely craft to do with little one loves everything bird! This is a must try for us :)

  2. ;) love how you have changed the site up!!

  3. How did you get the white "resist" look? Is it white crayon or something?

    1. Yup. We drew over everything with white crayon first, then painted. The paint never soaked into the parts that were covered with crayon.

  4. My favorite bird book is "Birds" by Kevin Henkes. It has beautiful illustrations and the word imagery is simply lovely. Love your birds, may do them with my kindergarten class.

  5. Love these wonderful birds. Did them today with my 2 granddaughters ages 4 and 7. I went a step further by getting a 3/4 inch dowel rod and cutting it in half. Then I screwed eye hooks in the ends and attached the birds with a couple feet of string. It was a windy day and they flew out behind them like little kites as they ran around most of the afternoon!

    1. I'm so glad you had such fun trying this craft out!

  6. Is there a pattern for the bird shape? Thanks!

  7. I can't wait to do this activity with my summer camp kids! Do you know if the completed birds will effectively fly like paper airplanes? I'm thinking my kids could have a contest after we make our birds...

    1. Ooh! Hope you have fun trying these out. No. I don't think they'll fly...

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