Friday, November 6, 2015

Recycled Hibernating Bear Craft! (And our favorite Bear books!)

Does your child love learning about nature?  With the recent cooler weather we've been turning to more fall crafts and winter crafts.  Recently we talked about bears and hibernation.  (For some reason my preschooler was amused by the idea of an animal sleeping through the winter.  As a tired, pregnant mom... the idea of sleeping for a long time really appealed to me!)

Today I'm sharing this easy Recycled Hibernating Bear Craft!  It's a great way to teach kids about their natural world using some creative arts and crafts fun!

Recycled Hibernating Bear Craft

Preschool Science- Easy and fun hibernating bear craft!  Great way to teach kids about nature!
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Our Favorite Bear Themed Books

We enjoyed this activity because we're big fans of bears over here!  We love these bear-themed books

Let's Make this Hibernating Bear Craft!

Before starting this activity, we talked about bears and hibernating by reading a couple of stories like...

Then I grabbed a couple of toilet rolls and cut out some bears shapes.  My son drew on their faces and claws.   (This was a daddy and a baby bear.)

Toilet Roll Bears for hibernating bear craft

Then, I cut out a cave opening from a large brown shopping bag.  We looked at pictures of caves and turned our bag into a cave by gluing on various items like twigs, popsicle sticks, cotton rounds (aka "snow"), and "rocks" (which we cut of paint chips).  He also added some green moss to the cave too.

Paper bag cave for hibernating bear craft

It took about a day for everything to dry.  Then, I popped open the bag, folded the top over, and stapled it shut.  Voila!  Now we had an instant cave for his bears to sleep in.

Paper bag and toilet roll hibernating bear craft

I hope you have a fun time trying out this fun nature-themed craft with your kiddos too!

5 More Hibernation activities!

Let's keep learning about animals and hibernation!  Here are some more fun and easy preschool hibernation-themed activities.

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Kid Science:  Paper Bag and Toilet Roll Hibernating Bear Craft